A Not-So-Ordinary Mother’s Day Gift

Flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, jewelry – these usually top gift lists for mothers whatever the occasion is. Although much appreciated, these gifts score low on creativity and thoughtfulness. So on Mother’s Day, why don’t you give your mom something unique? Here’s something moms who are also sports enthusiasts would definitely love – a Gift Ball!

What would your mom do with a ball, you ask? Well, I’m not talking about a regular sports ball; I’m referring to Fan of U Gift Balls which are definitely not your ordinary sports balls. These are real sports balls meticulously handcrafted into gift baskets or centerpieces that you can fill with treats that you know your mom would surely love. Unlike ordinary gift baskets, you choose what you put inside and show your mom that you really put some thought into your gift for her.

What exactly does a gift ball look like?  Real basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls are cut horizontally so they open up like treasure boxes (only they’re much cooler!). They are placed on stands or pedestals that hold them in place.  Their interiors are lined with fabric and can be filled with chocolates, books, trinkets, cookies, makeup, etcetera, etcetera. The list is endless.


Fan of U Gift Balls are sold unfilled leaving you free to decide what surprises to put inside them. If your mom loves it and it fits into a ball, you can put it right in. To give you an idea of what you can put inside, a basketball gift ball measures 9 ½” in diameter, a football measures 10 ¼” in length, and a soccerball measures 8” diameter. With those dimensions, you can even put an Ipad Mini inside a basketball gift ball.

Whatever sport we’re at, our moms are always our Number 1 fans. This Mother’s Day, let her know that YOU are her Number 1 fan with a Fan of U Gift Ball. Don’t just give your Mom an ol’ boring gift basket, give her a gift basket that SCORES.

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