Are selfies driving an increase in plastic surgeries?

Selfie Cosmetic Culture       

Are increases in cosmetic surgery procedures now being driven by the ‘selfie’?

We’ve all seen the pouting lips or sexy cleavage selfie, after all 93 million selfies are taken every day. And coincidentally or not at the same time as the rise of selfies, the number of younger people who are having cosmetic work themselves is increasing considerably.

Is the dominance of social media like Instagram or Facebook in modern society driving an interest in cosmetic procedures? As we saw when browsing through the informative website of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors as selfies and social acceptance for cosmetic procedures increase, so does the demand by younger patients. Posting selfies can help grow your social media following and improve your status. If you want to get more likes, are looks improved by cosmetic surgery the way to go?

With over a third of people in a recent survey admitting that they retouched their selfie before posting it on social media like Twitter, is cosmetic surgery the next obvious step

Celebrity Influence on Younger Cosmetic Surgery Patients

With many young people attributing social value to the number of likes they’ve garnered on Instagram, celebrities like Kylie Jenner are revered among younger fans. The fact that she posts almost daily selfies on Instagram is surely an influence on how people see themselves.

As was clear from gleaning information on plastic surgery from the website of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, many plastic surgery patients have gone down the route of cosmetic enhancement after becoming aware and becoming critical of their own self-image directly because of increased social media usage. Cosmetic surgeons also admit that potential young patients come to their clinics brandishing celebrity selfies on their phones and demanding to be cosmetically made like the image.

The Cosmetic Power of Selfies

Selfies are perhaps the first way young people try to impress each other now. The selfie is posted looking for admiration from prospective friends or lovers but the latest post on Snapchat can create a dramatic change in perception.

Selfies inevitably creates dissatisfaction for people with their appearance by holding up a cold and cruel light to their own body imperfections. For teenagers this heightened self-impression caused by these type of photos further fuels the existing insecurity and self-obsession of your typical teen. And it can drive them to cosmetic surgery.

But is the image posted on social media an even vaguely realistic portrait of that person? Is seeing really believing anymore?

 If you don’t Like the First Selfie…

This distorted view of a person’s image is added to by the increasing number of apps and tools available on smart phones. If you don’t like the image you’ve taken you can change it. There are loads of apps that can alter your image and create miraculous versions of your face and body.

Is your chin sticking out a little too far? Take a second selfie or apply a photo filter. Don’t like those wrinkles? Smooth them out with a tap of your finger. These apps help to create an unrealistic view of how someone can look. The attempt to achieve that appearance can lead to cosmetic surgery.

If you want to look good in your holiday photos snapped and usually uploaded on your smart phone, then perhaps you might be tempted to skip the gym and proceed straight to the cosmetic surgery clinic.

Or if you’ve been good and put in the time and effort working out, then maybe your face could do with some freshening up. Maybe the plastic surgery clinic fit you in for cosmetic procedures like Botox, lip plumping or dermal fillers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about cosmetic surgery negligence, check out Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors at


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