Outfit of the Day: Vintage Inspired Dress

I was fortunate to become a fashion blogger of another great online fashion shop called Sheinside. I so love this shop!! So many choices to choose from. If you have been a reader for quite awhile, you would know that I am just crazy about fashion and shopping.

I got this very pretty vintage inspired sun dress and another one which I will feature another time :) I paired the dress with a wedge blue platform.


Sheinside Dress,ย  Shoes from Bumper,ย  Black Pearl necklace

Have you ever heard of Sheinside? If not, I suggest you check them out now!! So many cool clothes to choose from for all occasions!

What do you think should I order next from SHEINSIDE?



  1. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops says

    Super nice dress. I like the color and the print. Reminds me of Morocco for some reason hehe :) I’m gonna join your giveaway!

  2. says

    The dress looks wonderful on you! I’m going to check if they have that in another shade or print coz I’ve got a pair of red wedges looking for the perfect outfit to go with it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Jheylo says

    that’s a lovely and stlylish dress. It surely looks good on you. I love the detail so summery looking :) i also tried to pitch the advertiser and hopefully I’ll get one too :)

  4. says

    Really cute dress, although I don’t think I’ll be able to wear as confident as you. For some reason, prints and I don’t seem to mesh that well together. *sigh*

  5. Jeannette Laframboise says

    That dress is gorgeous and so are you wearing it! This one is definitely more my style rather than the previous striped one. I don’t do stripes well but this dress is very pretty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. says

    Hey I love your dress! I am comfortable wearing dresses to my travels instead of jeans coz they are more comfortable and light on the luggage. Love that color too!

  7. says

    I don’t know much about fashion and I usually go with shirt and shorts, but I think what’s important about fashion is that you are able to express yourself through it. For me, I like it simple and comfortable. I guess for you, the dress suits you with your fun and lively personality but with a touch of femininity. Congrats on blogging about your fave shop!

  8. Pepper Tan says

    Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve turned from blogger to fashion model? I LOVE THE ENTIRE LOOK! The hair, the shoes, the dress! I’d love to steal them all from you- yes including the hair. Looking good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. says

    I love the cut and the print! Its figure friendly and the print is just fabulous.
    Though personally I couldn’t wear that short dress without tights. LOL

  10. Myra R says

    i love that dress! its so bohemian its so my style and its beautiful! i have never heard of Sheinside but now after seeing that dress im going to check it out cause i love that dress!

  11. VJ M. says

    I like the dress. It has a tropical feeling to it. It would brighten up any occasion and can be dressed up or more casual, your choice.

  12. Nena Sinclair says

    This dress looks gorgeous on you! The colors really suit you well. I wish I could look as good in a dress!

  13. Holly Suzanne says

    I hadn’t heard of Sheinside until now but I will most definitely check them out! This sundress and blues wedge shoes look awesome together!!

  14. Marjory ilao-Lee says

    wow ur so Fabulous
    hoping to have a fab and sexy body like you…diet pls be good to me!!!
    more power

  15. joanne gentry says

    Well, it’s getting chillier, even here in Georgia, so I think you should buy this trench coat. It’s trendy and would look adorable on you!
    Black Long Sleeve Drawstring Waist Trench Coat.

  16. Darren says

    it’s a nice dress.
    i think it would complement better if you use different color of wedge platforms. like certain shade of Yellow which complements blue. and add more accessories which like earrings. try experimenting combination of colors. cause in my opinnion using same color from top to toe is dull. :)

  17. Toni Porter says

    Green Cotton Blends V Neck Puff Sleeve Belt Wrap Dress, I think. It could be paired with lot of different accessories.

  18. Stacey A Smith says

    the dress has such nice colors .maybe you should look at a sweeter it’s getting cold out side there is some nice sweeter’s there.

  19. Alison Marshall Yorke says

    I think this is the dress you should buy next: Abstract Print Round Neck HAlf-sleeved Loose Dress — pretty!

  20. Darren Philip Mozo says

    i think what you should buy next is the Leopard Scoop Neck Flare Elegant Dress.
    i think it suits you like this dress you are wearing. and just complement right accessories and shoes/heels. : )

  21. Sittie Carolyne Santiago says

    What a lovely dress :) I think what you should buy next is a top and a cute skirt with right accessories and shoes :)

  22. says

    Love the dress and shoe pairing. A little short for my age, but you wear it well! Now that it’s cold I would love to see you wearing something like the Blue High Neck Long Sleeve ZigZag Dress. Thanks!

  23. Krys lee says

    I think you should buy the Beige Long Sleeve V-neck Pearls Embellished Shoulder Lace Jumper with the Grey Small Floral Print Dipped Hem Elastic Waist Skirt and these Beige PU Buckle Strap Spiked Pierced Flat Pumps. I would wear it.

  24. Bonnie says

    Very pretty dress and shoes! Love it. Love the wedge shoes also. I think a cute one shoulder black dress should be your next purchase

  25. ANN*H says

    very pretty and colorful on you. I’m not big on fashion but I think a kimono type styled dress would like so nice on you

  26. Charlotte Raynor says

    The dress you are modeling definitely suits you quite well. I’m not into fashion but I’d say it is a winner.

  27. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Well, now it’s november so you need to grab the Blue Lapel Long Sleeve Buttons Crop Denim jacket and a pair of tights and you can wear this through the fall!! Very cute

  28. says

    think you’d also look great in the black vintage half sleeve flare short black dress! Especially if you can do the same necklace, the gold moon collar chain necklace with it.
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  29. Shirley Turner says

    Wow! there’s a lot of comments. I think you would look adorable in the Black pink striped long sleeve pearls pockets dress SKU 12103116. It was hard to pick just one since you look adorable in anything you wear.

  30. tami s says

    You look great. I think you should try the black Boat Neck Three Quarter length sleeve bandeau dress next. I think it would look great on you

  31. Dawna Newman says

    I love that dress, looks great on you, I think you should get the Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dipped Hem Dress next , not sure what you would wear it to but I think you would look great in it.

  32. Ashley Null says

    I think you would look great in a white and purple polka dot sun dress… that might be something you would wanna buy next!


    AHHHH! I’m IN LOVE with the White Boyfriend Ponte Rolled Sleeves Blazer. SO cute!! That should be your next purchase!

  34. Dorothy Boucher says

    WOW you look Fabulous!!!!
    love the dress, love the shoes
    just one ? r u giving them away for christmas,LOLL j/k
    i would like to have seen you with a small bag in your hand.. something towards a gold color.. and thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. tami s says

    I love this for you. Simple and cute
    Lace Star Printed Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress. The link won’t let me copy and paste

  36. Carol L says

    You look very nice. I love the shoes you added. How about this one ?
    The Black Half Sleeve Bow Embroidery Dress.
    sku dress 12111206

    Carol L

  37. Gia C. says

    So cute! I love it! I think a cute little vintage purse would go perfect with this. Maybe beige with lace and brown handles/straps.

  38. Julie Wood says

    I think that you would look really cute in this Red Long Sleeve Contrast Ruffles Trim dress! It is such a nice dress for the Holidays! I like the cute outfit that you are wearing!

  39. Debbie Painter says

    I think that the : Black Round Neck Short Sleeve Hollow Floral Silk Dress, would be an adorable “Holiday” dress for you!!!! What do you think?

  40. Linda Walters says

    I think you should wear it with knee length go go boots. The kind that would say these boots were made for walking

  41. Jon R says

    Well, I’m a guy so maybe my fashion sense isn’t 100% but I think you would look great in the Black Half Sleeve Bow Pleated Embroidery Dress

  42. Carrie says

    What a great site – thank you for sharing your discovery! I love the pink sequined shoulder sleeveless dipped hem dress – would love to see that.

  43. says

    This is a beautiful dress and the colors/pattern is lovely!
    What I would recommend you get next is any of the vintage sweaters. I think they are gorgeous and so unique! Plus with winter approaching, a nice sweater is a must!

  44. Cindy Merrill says

    The dress is cute, but those shoes could mess up your back muscles- I went to Massage therapy school and took reflexology as my main study course. First thing we were told was, burn or destroy all our high heels, also, A podietrist gave us a long, long lecture on taking care of our feet.

  45. says

    I think you should buy the Red Long Sleeve Ripped Tassel Pocket Sweater next! I definitely love it &would wear it all the time :) paired with some plain leggings and cute accessories I think it would look great on you! &compliment your hair color too. If you like the over sized sweater look, I know I do. :)

  46. Sara Campbell says

    I think you should buy a little red dress. Kind of like the little black dress, but red instead of black. I think red would look great on you.

  47. maureen says

    I like the vintage sweaters too, get a neutral color and you can match it with alot of outfits. Maybe a beige or white color.

  48. Jaime Dubey says

    I am a shoe Queen so I think you should buy the shoes!!! I am so going to have to go through this site and check everything out when my eyes can stay open as it is after midnight here :)

  49. says

    Congrats sis. I’ve heard of this site and even tried applying as fashion blogger but sadly haven’t got any response from them :(. Anyway, since you love dresses I suggest you’ll buy the pink dress with sequinced shoulder and dipped him. i am sure it will look good on you.

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