Rakani Watch – When Stuck in Traffic is a Good Thing #holidaygiftguide


No one wants to get stuck in traffic especially if you have to be somewhere to meet someone at a specified time. This predicament is perfectly embodied in the Rakani Stuck in Traffic watch design. It’s the perfect holiday gift idea for men who have to deal with road hassles. If you can’t get to your date on time, at least you’ll be fashionably late. This is actually the principle behind the Rakani Fashionably Late watch collection. Not that it condones being late, it simply gives people a quirkier way to tell time, regardless of whether they are running late or not.

Get Stuck in Traffic for the Man in Your Life

Stuck in Traffic is an elegant black timepiece that definitely does not look like it’s been on the road for a long time. The black stainless steel band and face of this watch is accentuated with the Swarovski crystals at the bottom and the white hour and minute markers. The crystals in the design are supposed to mimic how cars that are stuck in traffic look. There are also hour bars that break the crystals on the 4th to the 8th hour markers, the time during which the evening rush hour traffic is at its peak. This Rakani watch retails for $250 and comes with a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Creative Entrepreneur

The Rakani watch company sprung from an idea that came after a joking quip from its founder Chirayu Patel’s girlfriend. She asked if the watch he gave her for his birthday was supposed to be a way for her not to be late all the time. This finance professional turned designer and entrepreneur shifted from the structured watch face designs to his own creative take on being late and on time concepts. Patel combined classic style, creative and meaningful designs, and custom quality in the watches in the Fashionably Late collection.

Defying Time and Standards

The other designs in the Rakani Fashionably Late collection are equally fun yet classic and elegant in their own way. “What Time?” is another great holiday gift idea for men with its classic black and white combo. It has a jumble of numbers at the bottom part of the dial, breaking the standard circular arrangement of the numbers around a marked dial. Women don’t have to be left behind with the “Ish.” This watch design has pink squiggly hour markers and similar smaller black ones as minute markers (the squiggles are actually used an “approximate” sign in mathematical equations). It also has a metallic case with the same pink shade and a white leather strap. There are several other interesting timepieces in the Rakani Fashionably Late collection that’s worthy of your time and attention.


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  1. Melissa Stephens says

    Those are so cool looking! I really may consider buying one for the hubby one day!! I personally think the stuck in Traffic is really cool, what time is really interesting to actually there all cool!! I usually don’t care about watches but I got to say this really caught my interest!

  2. Lisa Kerr says

    What a beautiful and sleek set of watches! I love the idea that they mimick a “stuck in traffic” look. I am trying to find my boyfriend a new watch for Christmas so I am definitely going to check these out! Thank you for your wonderful review :-)

  3. Sharon Siqueiros says

    This watch is really beautiful and soooo cool!! My husband needs a new one but I would probably be “stealing” it from him hahaha

  4. lola says

    love the slogan: fashionably late!
    the one with all the numbers below is quite nice
    the problem is that i think they are a bit expensive for its quality. i have a MK watch, but also tons of other watches but not as expensive as these ones :(

  5. Debra L. says

    My husband would LOVE this watch- we are both watch wearers. Love them. This is sleek- and does so much more. THIS COULD ACTUALLY END FUEDS while driving!! thank you for bringing this to my attention…gonna have to look into this one!

  6. Tamarae Ellis says

    That is an amazing watch! I can’t wait to search the rest of their watches for gifts for the important people in my life!

  7. Michelle Navarrete says

    I love the watch. It’s simple but looks elegant to wear. It would be perfect for my husband since he loves to wear simple but looks classy. :)

  8. Shelly Johnson says

    this is a beautiful watch! my husband doesn’t wear watches. I wish he would. I think they are very classy for men when you get the right one. These really are nice! Love the sleek look.

  9. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Very interesting post to read. I have seen one of these watches but I had no idea that it was one in a line if watches not what the line was called. The history of how the line was created is rather humorous but is also information I have always enjoyed reading.

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