Prescription Glasses Review started wearing glasses when I was learning to drive ten years ago. Actually that was the time I learned that I am almost blind! I couldn’t read the road signs. So of course I need to go and get prescription glasses before I could continue my driving lessons.  I have tried several styles of glasses and when I found one, I pretty much buy the same type/shape of glasses whenever I needed one.

I had the opportunity to review a prescription glasses from SelectSpecs. I decided to go for the Savannah Shiny Black. It is a bigger and rounded than my usual glasses. I wanted to try wearing a geeky glass as some would call it :P.

select specs geeky glasses

selecspecs review by filipina fashion blogger www.divafabulosa.comI love the fact that All lenses include the following FREE coating :

  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Reflection
  • Scratch Resistance


It takes around 14 working days for them to make and dispatch the glasses and postage is an extra $9.58 for delivery costs on top of the frame price (and any other costs). I was pleasantly surprised when these glasses turned up – they got my prescription right!  The frames fit comfortably too. This is just wonderful. It saves me so much time visiting the optician office.

If you are looking to buy new prescription glasses, sunglasses, do it online! Visit and choose from the latest designs.

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  1. Michelle Ledezma says

    I started wearing glasses as 13 and at first I hated it!! But now I would rather wear my glasses than contacts^_^

  2. Linda Heng says

    I started wearing glasses since 7th grade. I’ve never heard of I have to check it out, thanks for your review!

  3. elinor semira says

    i think i’m going to wear prescription glasses one of these days as i spend too much time on my computer doing some stuff. never tried to put one on honestly. well it’s nice to look like a geek once in awhile though lol

  4. Nena Sinclair says

    Those glasses look cute on you! I need to buy glasses and am considering buying them online, they’re so much cheaper that way! I’m worried about getting the measurements right, though!

  5. Emma says

    I’ve worn glasses since grade school and I am constantly getting new prescriptions and having to buy new glasses–what a wonderful site to know for the next time I need a new pair!

  6. Lisa F. says

    I would be a little wary of ordering something without seeing how it looked on me first. But, it looks like they’ve got a pretty good selection. Thanks for giving me another option. :)

  7. Susan Broughton says

    I find it so hard to find a pair of glasses that I like the look of on my face. I will have to take a look at this company and see what kind of eyeglasses they offer. Maybe i will be able to locate a pair finally

  8. candy kratzer wenzel says

    In march I will be getting a new pair of glasses. Never heard of this site. I will have to check them out. I am leary about buying glasses online without trying them on first, and what happens when they need adjustments?

  9. Jeanine says

    I wish I could order glasses online, but I have a lot of problems getting the right prescription. I’d hate to think how long and how many returns I’d have to deal with by mail…

  10. Shelly Johnson says

    I actually have been wearing contact since I was 15. I recently found out that after – years (not telling my age LOL) of wearing contact I have a common eye disease that means I can no longer wear them :( After pitching a fit, refusing for a week to wear glasses again, my eyes started itching enough, and the headaches became bad enough to convince me that I have got to get some glasses. I have a pair that was my night time, weekend glasses for when I took my contact out, but they are ugly. Not gonna lie – I came across this post looking for something to comment on for a giveaway. Saw this and thought, hmmm, that’s up my alley. I checked out he site, and just ordered a pair of Stellar F282’s!!! haha!! Can’t wait to get them!!

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