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Nail Polish and Your Personality

July 27, 2011

in Apparels

What comes in different colors and makes any diva happy? Nail polish, of course! Even if your job calls for you to handle medical equipment all day, you can still unleash the diva in you with funky nail paint. It’s interesting to note that your choice of nail color reflects your personality.

If you love wearing hot pink, that means you are boldly chic and undeniably sexy. It takes a great deal of confidence to wear something as striking as this, so if you’re fond of hot pink, that means your self-esteem cup overfloweth.

Yellow nail polish adorers are innate trendsetters. They appeal to women who have a unique sense of style. Women who love to have their nails painted orange are very feminine, no doubt. They are naturally happy (or, at least want to be happy!).

You can spot a party-goer from a mile away if you see that she’s wearing neon green nail polish. She is lively and uncontrollably talkative.

Colors do more than simply prettify. They speak volumes when it comes to your personality. So, choose well, and let the world know who you are through your nails.

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