Green Fashion Statement with a Red Delmar Watch

Food and skin care products made from all natural materials are quite popular nowadays with more and more people opting for ecofriendly choices. Aside from these products, the green trend also brings us some interesting pieces in clothing and accessories like the Red Delmar Watch that I got from Jord. It came in a stained bamboo display box which is very fitting for a timepiece made with wood materials. Sure enough, the natural beauty of the Jord watch shone inside the box and quickly made its way into my wrist for a fashion try out.

 Jord watch

The watch felt smooth and sleek on my skin and the wood material is definitely lighter than stainless steel or rubber straps of the usual watch brands. It has a hardened and scratch-proof glass face so I don’t have to worry about it breaking easily when it gets bumped on surfaces. The wooden frame and straps are made with dark colored wood which makes it easy to maintain. It doesn’t look like a dirt magnet but since accidental spills or smudges are expected when you have an active toddler, I am not quite sure how it will hold up against dirt. It is said to be splash proof, but I am not about to test this feature nor its ability to withstand stains because I like the watch and I still want to wear it for a long time. Its other features include a carbon fiber face, double action locking clasp made of stainless steel, and Premium Citizen Miyota Movement.

jord close up

The materials used in creating Jord watches already set them apart from other timepiece brands in the market. These timepieces are handcrafted from sustainable materials from around the globe. In the case of the red watch from Jord’s Delmar Series, I love the chunky look and the stylish combination of red against dark wood. I’d say that my Red Delmar Watch from Jord is great for making a green fashion statement.

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  1. says

    Ohh my, that is quite stunning!!
    That’s so cool it’s made out of bamboo!!
    You should join my fashion link-up. c:


  2. Celina K says

    I love how unique these watches are! A coworker was wearing a wood watch the other day and I asked if it was a Jord, turned out it wasn’t but she was excited to learn about them!

  3. Starr Greenwell says

    These are such wonderful and different watches. I think they are a great fashion accessory and so unique. thanks for the great review.

  4. Michele P says

    very pretty! My daughter has seen these and loves them because of the unique look in addition of course to the fact that they are made from sustainable materials worldwide. I like the fact that you said the band is lighter than stainless steel and that the glass is scratch proof since that is one of her concerns with the watches that she wears to school, that she will bump them against something.

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