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DSC03635Just like anything else in fashion, make-up trends also come and go. But regardless of these trends, lip colors are always on the top of the must have list of every woman especially those that are long lasting. One of the recent products that I have tried is the Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain from Mirenesse. Although it is labeled as a lip gloss, this bomb gives you a lot more than your average gloss. It acts as a lip stain and shiner with a moisturizing effect, combining gloss and color that lasts for hours.

Mirenesse is a cosmetics brand in Australia that combines advanced technology and holistic approach to deliver quality beauty products. They are currently recognized as Australia’s top online beauty brand with award winning make-up and skin care products in their line-up. The Lip Bombs are one their latest award winning creations bagging the Best Lip Gloss Award in’s Gloscar Awards 2013. These products are made from high quality, safe, clinically proven, natural, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic ingredients. Knowing this makes me comfortable and confident to try the products. They have a lot of bright and nude shades available that can be mixed to create your own shade. With the minimalist make-up being in the trends this coming season, their nude shades can be great additions in my vanity kit.

Lip Bombs

The best thing that I loved about the Mirenesse Lip Bomb is the light, moist, and velvety finish. There are some lip gloss brands that offer the same rich and smooth finish but most of them tend to feel a bit creamy or heavy on the lips. I also like the light minty scent that gives it a refreshing element when you wear it. The product comes with a great applicator in an hour glass shape and fitted with soft sponge tip that makes it easy to apply. The sponge absorbs enough gloss to cover the entire lips with minimal dips. However, one should be extra careful during the application as it tends to smear during the first few minutes. But once it dries up, one can be confident that I will not smudge or smear anymore.

It can last for up to 4 to 5 hours before the colors starts to wear, leaving a soft stain that is nevertheless true to its original color. However, since application can be a bit messy during the first ten minutes or so, you have to consider the drying time for re-application as well. Or you can just be content with one application and make do with the sort of matte version of the lipstick after the first four to five hours.

mirenesse lipbomb In this photo, I am wearing Lip Bomb no. 4

The Lip Bomb is totally worth it’s price! Overall the Mirenesse lip bombs are not so bad vanity kit additions for no-rush and long lasting make-up for any day.

If you want to get some Lip Bomb for yourself, you can get them at You can also connect with Mirenesse via Facebook| Twitter

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    That shade looks great on you. I did not know that some lip glosses were called lip bombs. It is great that they are so long lasting and I might give them a try.

  2. Mertevchel Teves Cañete says

    I am not a fan of lip gloss, though I have tried using one I am not particular as to its effect me. So low class of me. :p And with this product review of yours, makes me be intrigued with your product. I just hope your product is here in Cebu when I hop in the mall to check on it soon :)

  3. Mikk Boiadè says

    Very beautiful shades and packaging! I have an ARTDECO gloss quite similar to the first in first picture and I really love it. Well… at least it seem a similar tint, in pic shades are always a little different from reality.

  4. Petra S says

    Thank you for the review on Mirenesse lip bombs. They look beautiful and the one you’re wearing is so complimentary (even matches the shade of rose in your hair!). I am very curious about Mirenesse products and lip glosses hadn’t been on my hit list, but after this review….. I can’t make any promises! LOL

  5. Nicole Becker says

    I think I love every single color on this pic!!! I would have to buy them all because I couldn’t choose just one. LOL

  6. TERICIA LEE says

    Wow!! After lip stain, now its lip bomb??!! Coool…The packaging looks sleek and elegant…I want them! But they’re arent too many shade to choose from :(

  7. sherry bracy says

    i have never tried these, i use to sell avon years ago and had tons of lipsticks and glosses. i have not worn any in years, think i may wear some again!

  8. Holly M Uhler says

    these look so nice! I love how slender they are! I could pack a couple with my traveling case of brushes and not have to worry about losing them

  9. joanna flores says

    i love the color and i love the time that it actually stays on the lips . it is light which is a plus and the scent its a 2+

  10. Carol L says

    I love how it looks on you in your picture. I’ve never heard of this company before so I’m pleased to have read your review on Mirenesse. I have a problem lately with any of the lip sticks I’ve used lasting after an hour or so. So it was great to read about it;’s lasting color. They have a nice selection of color and so I’m happy and I’m going to check out their products. Thanks for your thorough review. :)
    Carol L

  11. Tanya White says

    I love how they are natural and have hypoallergenic ingredients, plus the colors are really pretty. I have always liked lip glosses that have a velvety finish, not sticky.

  12. Lisa K says

    I have a serious addiction to lip glosses and balms. Because you say its really light, not heavy, I think I will really like Lip Bomb. I must go get some. Thank you for your review.

  13. elinor semira says

    aside from lipstick, this is one thing that i always put on when going out to have plump lips like angelina jolie’s.

  14. Melissa Stephens says

    I know it has nothing to do with the article but I love the flowers in your hair!! The colors are really pretty! I love the packaging and the colors very pretty! I have 2 young kids so i’d really have to be careful with the application (10 minutes drying time) but I think i’d really like to give this is a try due to it lasting long.. 4/5 hours is quite long for me ! defiantly going to keep these in mind!

  15. Gale McCarron says

    Oh how I enjoy my make-up! And lipgloss that lasts has seem to be an unending venture of disappointments. Ilike that your reviews says it lasts and that it is light. Too many thick drying ones out there. Also think the colors are very pretty. Thanks so much or the review! I’llbe onthe lookout for this one.

  16. Lisa R says

    These are great for my daughter because she doesn’t like loud colors, theyre beautiful

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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