Feeling Fresh in a Maxi Dress

I used to shun maxi dresses because I thought they make me look smaller until I got to try one on and found that it was actually very flattering. With the right bodice, a maxi dress can make even petite women look tall in stature. Moreover, long flowing skirts of maxi dresses exude a feminine flair. Suffice it to say that I now have more than a handful of maxi dresses in my wardrobe.


fresh-horzModeled by Kelsie Barnett

One of the most recent additions to my maxi dress collection is the Maxi Dress in Talavera by Fresh Produce. Its smocked center back bodice with slight gathers at the bust provides a great silhouette that enhances my slim torso. The fabric is also made of rayon making it perfect for the hot and humid summer weather. Another thing I like about this rayon maxi dress is that you get that soft silky feel with the cool comfort of cotton. What I love the most is that it comes in so many different colors. You can have it in Aquamarine, Stardust, White, and South Beach Blue – light tones perfect for the day. Or get darker tones in Eggplant, Spring Green, Truffle or Twilight for a night out with your girl friends. I’m not talking about just plain colors, mind you. This maxi dress has an intricately designed print that adds drama to it.

I definitely love my Maxi Dress in Talavera. It flatters my figure well and is very comfortable to wear. If you haven’t tried a maxi dress yet, believe me when I say that whatever your body shape is, you can look effortlessly chic in a maxi dress.

If you would like to know more about Fresh Produce, visit them on their website www.freshproduceclothes.com

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  1. cathy says

    Yes! I love maxi dresses! They are so comfortable! They also help give people more curves… or at least look like it =).. I love the pattern of the dress!

  2. Evelyn Chuter says

    I have always worn and loved maxi dresses. I am only 5″1 and have always been petite. I think they make you look taller and slimmer. I hope.


    As girly girly as I am and as much as I love the look of dresses, I hate my legs and also I am in the middle of losing weight so on one hand to cover my legs but to get to still get the girly girly dress look I love a maxi seems like it’d be perfect and I’ve seen some I have really been tempted to try, but so far I have been afraid to for fear it will make me look fatter so still unsure. I am tall though so I would definitely wear them if or when I reach my goal weight : )

  4. Kelly Braun says

    Wow! That’s a gorgeous Maxi! I love the versatility of them… you can make it a different look with a sweater, jacket, scarf or bolero. Thanks for blogging this ;o)

  5. ginette4 says

    Gorgeous dress, you look fab in it, I’m always looking for something comfortable to wear but it’s not always flattering, I think I’ll look further into this, I need a new dress anyways

  6. Melissa Stephens says

    That’s a beautiful dress! great color! Thank you for this post! I too love how maxi dresses look but I to have been shunning them for life due to me being small 5″1 I just thought I would look even smaller! Great to hear from someone else that I can pull it off with my height issues and I appreciate you saying that different body types can pull it off because I am short and also curvy so I honestly was wondering if i’d look just wrong lol so thank you for this piece!

  7. elinor semira says

    i’m not really a fan of maxi dresses but I so love the details of your maxi dress here. i am not sure if i would look good on it as i haven’t tried fitting one.

  8. jen says

    love the outfit! ive also stayed away from maxi’s for the same reason as you. but i think i should at least try it out and see!

  9. Ria Alemina says

    Lately i’m addict with maxi dress too, tough not all maxi dress are fit to me, so i need to careful to choose. Lol

  10. Laura C says

    I love the look of Maxi dresses! I just haven’t been able to find the right one for me yet. :) This one you have is gorgeous!

  11. lola says

    i also usually look for clothes that enhance my torso.
    maxi dresses are a must-have!
    i remember when i bought my first, i wasn t sure, and wore it a couple times per week!

  12. Jessie Abing says

    I love your maxi dress :) I also check out their product, I love all their products :) it is perfect for any girls :)

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