Holiday Gift Guide: Comfort, Quality and Style from beats by dr. Dre

Thank you to Staples for giving me a pair of these headphones in order to conduct this review. This is not a compensated review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Music is a great companion when one simply wants to unwind or spend some time alone. During these solo moments, one can simply put their earphones or buds on and lose themselves in the melodies of their favorite songs. In my case, headphones are much preferred over ear buds as they are more comfortable.  The Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Over-Ear Phones is one of the best models that gave me both comfort and quality in enjoying my music.

beats by dr. dre holiday gift guide


The Beats by Dr. Dre is a Studio Type Headphone with noise cancellation features. It allows users to enjoy good quality audio without the distortions or external noise making their way through the phones and getting in the way of audio performance. This feature makes these headphones ideal not just for listening to music but for watching movies or for making video calls as well.
Aside from the good audio quality, it also has super plush and comfy coverings that are made from soft breathable materials. Users are kept cool and comfy even with long hours of use. As with other Beats, this one has a mute button on the side which can be pressed when you need to talk to someone. This means that I don’t have to take my headphone off every time my husband or my son needs to ask me something.

Moreover, it is lightweight and foldable making it great for travelling as well. I often bring it along with me whenever we go on one of our family vacations. Another thing I like about it is the sleek and stylish design that can be a fashion statement in itself. I got myself a hot pink and white set that I could use with my desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPod.


beats by dr. dre holiday gift guide

Beats by Dr. Dre

It is more expensive than the average headphones( $199.95*) simply because their quality is much more than just average. The Beats by Dr. Dre Stusio Over-Ear Phones is perfect for music lovers who are more particular about quality and design over price.  No less than Oprah Winfrey has listed this particular Beats as one of her favorite things.  Beats are her favorite headphones and this latest version, she says, is the lightest so far.

 beats 3

Beats transcends generations which means it would be well appreciated by children, teens, adults, and even those in their golden years.  Those who are looking for great Christmas Gift Ideas can put these headphones on their list and grab the limited deals offered online. I consider my hot pink Beats as an excellent buy because I got them on a discount via online deals.  Beats definitely make for cool gifts that speak of style that comes with quality and comfort.

If you know someone who loves music, then this is truly the one of the best gift you can give her/him.  You can buy these awesome Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones at Staples

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  1. says

    I was thinking of getting a pair of these for my daughter for Christmas, and now I think I will for sure! Love the arcticle/post you have here and you’re site is very nice! Thanks! I will be back……

  2. md kennedy says

    OK – if Oprah likes these, they must be great! My husband needs a new pair of earphones for hs plane trips and they’ll be under the tree for him on December 25th!

  3. elinor semira says

    i am such a music buff so anyone who will give this gift this Christmas season i will truly treasure. btw i love the color though it’s not my favorite.

  4. rebecca s says

    Those are fabulous, I love the pink! The price is a bit high for me at this moment but I will definately consider them at a later time when money is not as tight as it is now.

  5. M.Clark says

    This is a really great item, I’ve read about it on other websites. This is definitely something I’d love to own My favorite feature is the mute button, it’s ingenious!! Thank you for this review.

  6. Melissa Stephens says

    I’ve of course heard of these, but I didn’t really pay much attention because of the price but these are perfect for a techie and i know a few of those! I love that they drown out sound and have a mute button that’s really cool as opposed to the even annoying hold on i got to get these off my ears mode that I tend to use, I will definitely be looking closer at these!

  7. Lanie says

    I have heard great things about these headphones.. people are raving about them. I would love to get my hands on a pair.. I listen to music daily. The price is a little steep for my budget but if I got a good deal or a sale I would snag them up!

  8. Lorayne Gothard says

    My kids are both wanting these for Christmas. They are expensive but it is obviously worth the money since the quality is so wonderful!! Thanks for the review so I can understand why they want them!!

  9. Kelly Maxwell says

    I have been considering purchasing these and I am glad to hear that these are “quality” and also that there are deals out there!

  10. Lorayne Gothard says

    I have read a lot of good things about the Beats so I finally got my son a pair!! We will see how he likes them!!

  11. michelle says

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Beats. It all of the buzz these days. hopefully I can get my hands on them :)

  12. Cynthia Cover says

    I love that it has a mute button on the side so you don’t have to take them off to talk to the kids and hubby! Also enjoy the outside noise cancellation.

  13. Lisa G says

    My daughter wants a pair of beats and I wondered if the were worth the price. I might have to break down and get her a pair and borrow them often. I really like the pink ones!!!!

  14. Marti Smith says

    Thanks for the info. I am amazed at how the mute button is on the side and I think I really could use a pair of these!

  15. elinor semira says

    i’m such a music buff. it’s on my Christmas wishlist but unfortunately i didn’t receive any lol.

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