Finding Jubilation at Baroni – Green Onyx Earrings Reviw

Don’t you just love handcrafted jewelry?  There’s something so intimate about these meticulously crafted jewelries that makes one feel that every piece she wears has been designed and created just for her.    If you’ve been following Diva Fabulosa, you’d know that one of my fave sources of handcrafted jewelry is Baroni.

My most recent find from Baroni is an exquisite pair of Jubilation Earrings.  True to its name, you can’t help feeling euphoric while wearing it.  Five strands of delicate green onyx cascade from a sterling silver ring giving you 3-inches of glittering charms.  One reason why one might feel joy when wearing this pair is that onyx is believed to encourage happiness and good fortune.  It’s also believed to promote vigor and stamina.    The green onyx is particularly believed to affect the heart chakra – the very center of compassion, love, and spirituality.


At $150, the Jubilation Earrings is well worth its price.  I honestly think every piece sold by Baroni is well worth its price!  Designers and artisans of Baroni all believe that jewelries are more than just accessories.  Every piece of jewelry they handcraft touches ones spirit and stimulates the intellect as it adorns the body.    If you need some perking up or a little boost in confidence, try adding a pair of Jubilation Earrings to your outfit.  I bet you’ll not only feel a tad more beautiful but also feel so much at ease.

A New Way of Reading for Busy Book Lovers

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Reading has a lot of benefits for people of all ages.  It keeps the mind sharp and the spirit nourished.  Not a lot of people, however, go to the library to read these days.  There are also fewer people who subscribe to newspapers and magazines.  Nowadays, the more common way for people to get books and other reading materials is through the internet.  I just love how I am able to get everything I need with just a few clicks.  The information can even be filtered for me so I get exactly what I want to read.

Image by cuteimage /

Image by cuteimage /

It’s not necessary anymore to go to the bookstore to check out what titles are available on the shelves since I can get my books in electronic format over the net.  It’s as easy as downloading into my ebook reader to have all my titles in one nifty gadget to take with me wherever I go.  You think it couldn’t get easier than that to read, but there’s another way to squeeze your reading time into your busy schedule.  I know, that’s the multi-tasker in me speaking.  Getting to the books in my ebook reader is not always convenient.  There’s got to be a way for me to read my books despite my crazy schedule.  Discovering Audible audiobooks is wonderful indeed!  Now, I don’t have to choose between doing my cardio and reading a book.

Image by patrisyu /

Image by patrisyu /

Audiobooks is definitely the new and more convenient way of reading.  It’s like having someone read aloud to you. It’s not boring, mind you.   The “readers” do the recordings appropriately with the kind of tone and voice inflections necessary to make the stories come alive and to keep the narration interesting.   I can spend hours listening to my favorite titles using my smartphone.  The best thing about it is that I do not have to sacrifice anything on my daily task list.  The books are also less expensive than buying them off the bookstore shelves.

Getting Your Audiobooks from is a great source of audiobooks from various genres.  Whether you are interested in Bios and Memoirs of your favorite personalities or you want to immerse yourself in the latest Mysteries and Thrillers, you can find a great selection of titles at   You simply sign up for an account, pay the fee, and get the titles you want depending on your subscription package.  There is even a 30-day trial period that you can avail of to try out an audiobook before your subscribe.  You can also use an Audible promo code to get special discounts on your subscription package.  Subscription rates range from less than $15 to $229.50 depending on how many titles you wish to purchase. is today’s largest producer and provider of audiobooks all over the world.  It is a subsidiary of  It has a listing of over 150,000 book titles, magazine and newspaper issues, television and radio shows, and speeches.  You can download the free AudibleApp on their smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs for more convenient access to your Audible audiobooks.


My Finds

It’s easy enough to find the book titles you want to read from  I find it convenient to browse through the Audible Bestsellers and the New at Audible pages.  My latest finds include Eric Thomas’ The Secret to Success,  Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood, and All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz MD PhD.

With audiobooks, reading does not have to take a backseat even with my packed to-do list.  It is now possible for me to find pockets of time to indulge my passion for reading and learning.  All I need is my smartphone, a set of earphones, and

Green Fashion Statement with a Red Delmar Watch

Food and skin care products made from all natural materials are quite popular nowadays with more and more people opting for ecofriendly choices. Aside from these products, the green trend also brings us some interesting pieces in clothing and accessories like the Red Delmar Watch that I got from Jord. It came in a stained bamboo display box which is very fitting for a timepiece made with wood materials. Sure enough, the natural beauty of the Jord watch shone inside the box and quickly made its way into my wrist for a fashion try out.

 Jord watch

The watch felt smooth and sleek on my skin and the wood material is definitely lighter than stainless steel or rubber straps of the usual watch brands. It has a hardened and scratch-proof glass face so I don’t have to worry about it breaking easily when it gets bumped on surfaces. The wooden frame and straps are made with dark colored wood which makes it easy to maintain. It doesn’t look like a dirt magnet but since accidental spills or smudges are expected when you have an active toddler, I am not quite sure how it will hold up against dirt. It is said to be splash proof, but I am not about to test this feature nor its ability to withstand stains because I like the watch and I still want to wear it for a long time. Its other features include a carbon fiber face, double action locking clasp made of stainless steel, and Premium Citizen Miyota Movement.

jord close up

The materials used in creating Jord watches already set them apart from other timepiece brands in the market. These timepieces are handcrafted from sustainable materials from around the globe. In the case of the red watch from Jord’s Delmar Series, I love the chunky look and the stylish combination of red against dark wood. I’d say that my Red Delmar Watch from Jord is great for making a green fashion statement.

 If you would like to get a watch that is not only fashionable but also very eco friendly, go visit


Infinite Style Bracelet from Blue Nile

Blue Nile Product Review

Most people wish for a healthy and loving relationship with their partner that would last forever. This makes the infinity symbol a favorite among couples and a popular accent in bridal shower gifts. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, the infinity symbol is even more popular now. A jewelry piece with an infinity charm is certainly a great gift idea for those who want to make their partners feel really special. I didn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to get my special gift as Blue Nile generously sent me one of their products for review, an Infinity Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver.

blue nile bracelet

The bracelet came in a pretty blue gift box bound with a silver ribbon. I could already tell from the careful packaging that something special is nestled inside the box. True enough there was a dainty silver bracelet with an infinity shaped charm at its center. I was simply charmed with it because it looked simple yet stylish with the way that the double sterling silver chain holds the charm. The chains are looped directly on the charm making a strong contrast on the light and fragile looking chains against the solid and shiny charm. Its classic design also makes it versatile enough to be worm with most outfits but I prefer to wear them with jeans and other casual get-ups. Another great thing about infinity symbols is that they never go out of style, and a dainty piece like these can be part of your classic collection for a long time.

The infinity symbol is usually associated with lovers but it doesn’t mean that one cannot give out infinity jewelries to their friends and love ones. One can also have infinite love for a best friend, a sister, or a parent. Anyone who would like to give their loved ones a fashionable token for the occasion can get the Blue Nile Infinity Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver for only $50. If you hurry you may be able to grab it at a special price of $37.50.

Rakani Watch – When Stuck in Traffic is a Good Thing #holidaygiftguide


No one wants to get stuck in traffic especially if you have to be somewhere to meet someone at a specified time. This predicament is perfectly embodied in the Rakani Stuck in Traffic watch design. It’s the perfect holiday gift idea for men who have to deal with road hassles. If you can’t get to your date on time, at least you’ll be fashionably late. This is actually the principle behind the Rakani Fashionably Late watch collection. Not that it condones being late, it simply gives people a quirkier way to tell time, regardless of whether they are running late or not.

Get Stuck in Traffic for the Man in Your Life

Stuck in Traffic is an elegant black timepiece that definitely does not look like it’s been on the road for a long time. The black stainless steel band and face of this watch is accentuated with the Swarovski crystals at the bottom and the white hour and minute markers. The crystals in the design are supposed to mimic how cars that are stuck in traffic look. There are also hour bars that break the crystals on the 4th to the 8th hour markers, the time during which the evening rush hour traffic is at its peak. This Rakani watch retails for $250 and comes with a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Creative Entrepreneur

The Rakani watch company sprung from an idea that came after a joking quip from its founder Chirayu Patel’s girlfriend. She asked if the watch he gave her for his birthday was supposed to be a way for her not to be late all the time. This finance professional turned designer and entrepreneur shifted from the structured watch face designs to his own creative take on being late and on time concepts. Patel combined classic style, creative and meaningful designs, and custom quality in the watches in the Fashionably Late collection.

Defying Time and Standards

The other designs in the Rakani Fashionably Late collection are equally fun yet classic and elegant in their own way. “What Time?” is another great holiday gift idea for men with its classic black and white combo. It has a jumble of numbers at the bottom part of the dial, breaking the standard circular arrangement of the numbers around a marked dial. Women don’t have to be left behind with the “Ish.” This watch design has pink squiggly hour markers and similar smaller black ones as minute markers (the squiggles are actually used an “approximate” sign in mathematical equations). It also has a metallic case with the same pink shade and a white leather strap. There are several other interesting timepieces in the Rakani Fashionably Late collection that’s worthy of your time and attention.


Know more about Rakini by following them at on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest.

Holiday Gift Guide: Comfort, Quality and Style from beats by dr. Dre

Thank you to Staples for giving me a pair of these headphones in order to conduct this review. This is not a compensated review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Music is a great companion when one simply wants to unwind or spend some time alone. During these solo moments, one can simply put their earphones or buds on and lose themselves in the melodies of their favorite songs. In my case, headphones are much preferred over ear buds as they are more comfortable.  The Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Over-Ear Phones is one of the best models that gave me both comfort and quality in enjoying my music.

beats by dr. dre holiday gift guide


The Beats by Dr. Dre is a Studio Type Headphone with noise cancellation features. It allows users to enjoy good quality audio without the distortions or external noise making their way through the phones and getting in the way of audio performance. This feature makes these headphones ideal not just for listening to music but for watching movies or for making video calls as well.
Aside from the good audio quality, it also has super plush and comfy coverings that are made from soft breathable materials. Users are kept cool and comfy even with long hours of use. As with other Beats, this one has a mute button on the side which can be pressed when you need to talk to someone. This means that I don’t have to take my headphone off every time my husband or my son needs to ask me something.

Moreover, it is lightweight and foldable making it great for travelling as well. I often bring it along with me whenever we go on one of our family vacations. Another thing I like about it is the sleek and stylish design that can be a fashion statement in itself. I got myself a hot pink and white set that I could use with my desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPod.


beats by dr. dre holiday gift guide

Beats by Dr. Dre

It is more expensive than the average headphones( $199.95*) simply because their quality is much more than just average. The Beats by Dr. Dre Stusio Over-Ear Phones is perfect for music lovers who are more particular about quality and design over price.  No less than Oprah Winfrey has listed this particular Beats as one of her favorite things.  Beats are her favorite headphones and this latest version, she says, is the lightest so far.

 beats 3

Beats transcends generations which means it would be well appreciated by children, teens, adults, and even those in their golden years.  Those who are looking for great Christmas Gift Ideas can put these headphones on their list and grab the limited deals offered online. I consider my hot pink Beats as an excellent buy because I got them on a discount via online deals.  Beats definitely make for cool gifts that speak of style that comes with quality and comfort.

If you know someone who loves music, then this is truly the one of the best gift you can give her/him.  You can buy these awesome Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones at Staples

You can also follow Staples on Facebook | Twitter to get their latest updates and promotions.

Your Bijoux Box : Surprises that Make You Sparkle

You know how my love for subscription boxes is nearing obsession. Well, who wouldn’t love receiving gifts every month and being surprised by the wonderful items inside? My subscription boxes excite me to no end and I always look forward to opening them each month. Those who share this same obsession would be delighted to know about The Bijoux Box. Why so? Because this box contains another one of our loves – jewelry!

Bijoux Box is delivered to your doorstep every month and contains two to three pieces of hand curated premium jewelry by Shana and Dorota. These jewelry are carefully selected to make sure that all subscribers receive on-trend pieces that they would love to wear as often as they can. The content of each box would have at least $70 worth of jewelry but all you actually pay is the $35 monthly subscription. That’s getting 50% off your accessories purchases each month! photo bijoux1_zpsbb2b184c.jpg

This October, subscribers were gifted with a Cabochon Petals Necklace, a Gilded Clover Necklace and Earrings – just the perfect mix of sparkle and luck.

 photo 1377410_568216803227890_352194315_n_zps8575a5a8.jpg

This pair of Gilded Clover earrings would stand out perfectly with my jet black tresses as background.  The clovers are in white enamel and textured gold that give it a bit of sparkle.  Of course, you get that bit of luck too with the clovers.  Amp up the luck by wearing this pair of earrings with the matching Gilded Clover necklace.

 photo 1382293_568216806561223_1375461399_n_zps001abf51.jpg

My favorite in this month’s box would have to be the Cabochon Petals Necklace! The round blue gems provide a striking contrast with the sparkly emerald green petals.  It’s just perfect this fall season.

Bijoux Box not only gives subscribers exquisite accessories, they also show the best ways to wear these gems by giving styling tips. They also share outfit ideas in their blog and in their social media networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook.


I’ve seen the previous months’ Bijoux boxes and I regret not having subscribed to this until now. I am definitely looking forward to what’s inside my elegant box next month!