Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know About Costs


Not all breasts are created equal.  Some are obviously big, while some are barely a handful.  Whatever size or shape of breasts we have, all women deserve to be happy about our bodies.  So, if you’re one who feels that a breast augmentation procedure is in order, go ahead and get it done, just as long as you’re ready for the possible risks- and of course- the costs!

The price of breast implants today may leave your mouth agape and eyebrows raised.  Suffice it to say, you’ll need a fat wallet if you want fat breasts!  The average amount you’ll have to spend on silicone breast implants is about 4,000 USD.  Saline implants are about 300 USD cheaper.

When making an estimate of costs for breast augmentation surgery, be sure to factor in hospital fees, anesthesia fees, medication and other medical tests.  Don’t be shy to ask your surgeon about all the expenses you will incur throughout- and even after- the procedure.

Remember to explore all your options.  Meet with several surgeons and ask about their professional fees.  They will vary depending on a surgeon’s level and years of experience.

Choose carefully where you plan to have your surgery.  Costs will vary depending on the demand and competition in each city.

Ask about breast implant warranties.  If they’re part of your breast augmentation package, they’ll save you additional costs down the road.

There are many things to consider before getting breast augmentation done.  Wisely weigh your pricing options, and in the end, your new breasts will be your “breast friend”.

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  1. Michelle A. Dovidio says

    I may find another reason for duct tape soon if mine keep acting like they are to tired to stand up straight anymore…lol

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