Your Bijoux Box : Surprises that Make You Sparkle

You know how my love for subscription boxes is nearing obsession. Well, who wouldn’t love receiving gifts every month and being surprised by the wonderful items inside? My subscription boxes excite me to no end and I always look forward to opening them each month. Those who share this same obsession would be delighted to know about The Bijoux Box. Why so? Because this box contains another one of our loves – jewelry!

Bijoux Box is delivered to your doorstep every month and contains two to three pieces of hand curated premium jewelry by Shana and Dorota. These jewelry are carefully selected to make sure that all subscribers receive on-trend pieces that they would love to wear as often as they can. The content of each box would have at least $70 worth of jewelry but all you actually pay is the $35 monthly subscription. That’s getting 50% off your accessories purchases each month! photo bijoux1_zpsbb2b184c.jpg

This October, subscribers were gifted with a Cabochon Petals Necklace, a Gilded Clover Necklace and Earrings – just the perfect mix of sparkle and luck.

 photo 1377410_568216803227890_352194315_n_zps8575a5a8.jpg

This pair of Gilded Clover earrings would stand out perfectly with my jet black tresses as background.  The clovers are in white enamel and textured gold that give it a bit of sparkle.  Of course, you get that bit of luck too with the clovers.  Amp up the luck by wearing this pair of earrings with the matching Gilded Clover necklace.

 photo 1382293_568216806561223_1375461399_n_zps001abf51.jpg

My favorite in this month’s box would have to be the Cabochon Petals Necklace! The round blue gems provide a striking contrast with the sparkly emerald green petals.  It’s just perfect this fall season.

Bijoux Box not only gives subscribers exquisite accessories, they also show the best ways to wear these gems by giving styling tips. They also share outfit ideas in their blog and in their social media networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook.


I’ve seen the previous months’ Bijoux boxes and I regret not having subscribed to this until now. I am definitely looking forward to what’s inside my elegant box next month!

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  1. Candace Galan says

    I use to be addicted to subscription boxes but quit when I realized I can get most of the stuff for free, but I have never heard of the Bijoux jewelry box.

  2. Nicole Becker says

    OMG!! If that kind of jewelry is in every box, I am definitely getting a subscription!! $35 is such a great deal too. I hope someone in my family sees this post. HINT HINT!! LOL

  3. Melissa Stephens says

    Absolutely gorgeous pieces! I am too addicted to subscription boxes, I get 3 but the beauty ones. I know it’s fashion sac relig but with Jewelry I wouldn’t know what to do with so much of it lol Definatly going to pass this article to a few friends of mine! thank you for sharing the pieces are gorgeous absolutely stunning!!

  4. jen says

    i really want to subscribe to this one. im not a huge fan of the makeup boxes, but this one looks like its really worth the price!

  5. Nicole Becker says

    I absolutely love the necklace with the sapphires on it!! It is gorgeous. My birthday is in September so this would be a perfect necklace for me!!

  6. Lanie Pregoner says

    A lot of beauty subscription box are available in my country but I’ve never heard of a subscription box that delivers jewelries before. Thanks for introducing this! :) The jewelries are nice and I think worth the amount you pay.

  7. Déborah Tg says

    soy adicta a los complementos , sobre todo collares y anillos, me encantan , y estos que llevas son realmente estupendos!!!

  8. Sally says

    Have never heard of Bijoux Box but am definitely checking it out!! I now receive Gloss Boxes and love those it’s like a surprise just for me every month and I absolutely love it!! I love the blue and green necklace it is very striking! Thanks so much for letting us know about this awesome place!!

  9. Renee says

    SO pretty…I shouldn’t have read this post though. I too have quite the addiction/obsession with subscription boxes. This might be one more I have to add to the list :)

  10. says

    This is a new subscription service for me….so Thanks for introducing me… I too have subscribed to many different monthly boxes…. but this seems like something my sister would love! I will definitley get this for her! Thanks so much!!!

  11. Christy Dixon says

    Fabulous! So far the only box subscriptions I’ve seen have been nail polish, snack packs or diet meals. THIS I could get into! Beautiful items! Fantastic blog and as a new follower I’m really looking forward to reading more from you! Merry Christmas!

  12. lola says

    i am going to visit bijoux box´s web!
    like suscriptions, because i love receiving products at home. when they get, i feel special! for me they are like a gift!

  13. Jessica C says

    Well, I am always tempted by subscription boxes like this and have to fight off the urge to grab my credit card and go crazy lol!! And this one is making it harder! I really love the jewelry shown here it’s super cute! But I can never convince myself to commit to anything monthly cause my budget is always different each month.

  14. Jacquie Evans says

    I really love jewelry. Those are ok but really not my style. I think I’ll pass on that box subscription.

  15. says

    it must be osome to recive a gift every month. bijous are a girl best friend :d. it can make you look amazing, elegant, feminine… i have a lot of jewelry on my on and i love them! your post is very usefull! i like it!

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